Thursday, September 18, 2008

Not 4 sale!!!!

Some of my friends are terrorists
Some of my friends deal crack and I'm not ok with this
Some niggas I know only back me because I rake dough like a gardener
Fuck it I work harder
I don't like most hip-hop out
There is a secret society of niggas who wanna shout , TURN THAT BULLSHIT OFF!
I should shut my mouth? Next thing you know I aint welcome down south of the border
I don't believe in turfs or a section
I believe in community, where anybody could walk good without protection
I believe that Dilla was the number 1 dude in rap
Whether in the slaps or a hicou I spite you for not giving it up
Fuck what that nigga say, nigga GIVE IT UP!
Why black people act like little kids..?
Make mad excuses when they know what it is..?
Be like them white folk invest that shit
Instead niggas clowning on the red carpet
Showing my niece that a million on the neck is the hot shit is BLOODCLAAT disrespect!
Growing up poor don't make you ig'nant, act your age don't act your pigment!
Race to the top, don't let your race stop you from revolution open your mouth and buss shots
Young nigga say hello, Screw face is a fuckery we know your spine is jello

Kardinal Offishall "Not 4 Sale" IN STORES NOW!!!

Growing Old wit your works...

I worked on a lot of projects this year, and by far working on Heavy D's album was the most fun and rewarding. Rewarding not because of stuff i got or money I made but because it was really interesting . Its not everyday you get to work with someone you grew up listening to or was a fan of. Not only did I get be apart of his present and future works but i was able to get insight on his past work as you can see in this clip...

So my boss shoots a couple of videos, big deal right??

Swagger like Puff, this shit is "Awesome". Shouts to Aasim on this one....

Summer Gigs

Pics of some of the summer gigs we had

New Releases 9.19.08

Tired of hearing the same 30 songs on the radio?

Has your ipod become a paper weight because your tired of listening to those playlists you created in june ?

Does your iTunes need a re-up?

If so, then I've got you ^_^

Last time I let you in on new music from Janelle Monae, Donnie Klang and Heavy D. This week I got new material from a few couple of familiar voices...

Raphael Saadiq
Anybody remember Tony! Toni! Tone! or Lucy Pearl? If you do the name Raphael Saadiq will definitely be a familiar one.
Raphael is back with a new solo album "The Way I see it" . Its labeled as a Neo-Soul album online and in the record stores but it sounds more like classic soul, its very easy listening, if you like Amy Winehouse, Sharon Jones and the Dap- Kings this is a must have.

Question: What do The Notorious BIG's "Life After Death" album and Kanye West and 50 cent careers have in common?

Answer: Deric "D-dot" Angelitte.
D-dot aka The Madd Rapper produced the hit "Hypnotize" on the "Life After Death" album, introduced 50 cent to the world in 2000 and before Mr. West's swagger was on "a thousand trillion was Kanye's manager.
D-dot is back via his popular alter ego "The Madd Rapper" on a new mixtape "Appreciate the hate" . Its great mixtape has a lot of classic Madd Rapper tracks, hilarious skits and features the best MC's (in my opinion ) in NYC right now. You like hip-hop ... you will love this tape.

The links to the music are below, next to the album art. These links change overtime so if in a week or so the links are dead please hit and I'll give you a new one. I would love to know if you guys like the music or not so leave a comment .
Also please support the artists and dont download their stuff from any wack ass blog or limewire


New Releases 9.9.08

Whats up Peoples

Letting you guys in on some really kool music:

Donnie Klang
This week Making the Band's Donnie Klang released his debut album "Just a rolling stone" its a great pop album and if you love the show you will definitely love this album

Janelle Monae
Also Janelle Monae released "Metropolis: The Chase Suite"
Its a 7 song E.P not a full album but is really creative and inspirational.
If you like Outkast , lauryn hill or great soulful music you should definitely check it out

Heavy D
Heavy D has just wrapped up his album "Vibes", a ten track reggae album that features everyone from Sizzla to Barrington Levy.
The album isn't out until the end of September but I put a link for the album sampler. Its free so check it out.

And for everybody who was wondering where the hell I have been this summer and what I've been doing... there you go

Please click on the links under the pics above and support the artists I guarantee you won't be disappointed they are worth it ^_^


Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Buffalo Soldiers...

I am a big fan of WWII movies: Saving Pvt Ryan, The Dirty Dozen,Band of Brothers all classics.I am also a big fan of Spike Lee, when he's not at MSG screaming at the Knicks he puts together some really good films So what do you get when WWII and Spike Lee come together? The Miracle of St. Anna a film about the Sant'Anna di Stazzema massacre and a lost unit of African American Soldiers
Check it out ...